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fury, or the frat play

It’s been three years since the Sigma Rho fraternity, once a famed women’s college, was rocked by a massive scandal and indictment of a brother on rape charges. Moving in to start the school year, the brothers of the fraternity are eager to move on and leave the past behind them. But when the past refuses to stay hidden, in a house that seems to have a life of its own, the brothers of Sigma Rho have decisions to make about how far they’ll go to protect themselves, their brothers, and their past.

Kitten Season

A two-legged kitten brings novice animal rescue workers to a run-down apartment complex, where a feral cat colony has grown to enormous proportions. Their good intentions are met with hesitancy by the residents at first; but a pronouncement that feeding the cats will result in eviction changes everything. Residents and non-residents alike are left to figure out what their responsibility is to these creatures, and how far they’ll go to keep them safe.

true believer

An underfunded abortion clinic in rural New York debuts their newest initiative to reach young people in a conservative small town: “Teen Night.” An ill-timed blizzard, however, ensures that no one is showing up. As the employees dutifully keep the clinic open, exchange Secret Santa gifts, and try to pass the time, they don’t notice someone outside is watching. A look at the last night of the lives of those on the front lines of the battle for abortion rights.

Night Creatures

On a snowy day after Christmas, three NJ animal shelter employees hold down the fort. With the inclement weather comes a lull in the everyday bustle of the shelter, and the group’s interactions soon expand to fill the space. This play is about animals, the humans who disappoint them, and the unexpected individuals who try to make things right.


FreePlay is a growing feminist sex toy company, popular in part to its deconstructed take on the modern dildo, whose founders pride themselves on their non-phallo-centric aesthetic. Run by best friends since college, engineer Amy and sculptor Sara, the Brooklyn-based business is intimate and casual, their office shared by environmentalist artist (and ulcerative colitis activist) Travis, and their devoted intern, Emma. As Amy starts IVF and Sara begins fantasizing about Travis, the equilibrium the pair had thought they reached begins to crumble. What ensues is a story about engineering, the painful intimacy of female friendships, dildos, and the people who make them.

Conversations on My Back

Two women are bound by a devastating act of violence. A play about relationships and survival in the time of Trump- all on the vertical axis.